Ashley and Niko

It all started out by me sending him a casual message, and his response was "I like your hair." Read more »

Jimmy and Kristen

She is the most unbelievably beautiful girl both inside and out. I can't even begin to start on how she has changed everything. Read more »

Jacqui and Giovanni

We exchanged mails, both of us not really mentioning relationships, but we both wanted to meet face to face one fine day. So I took the plunge and booked with a tour (just in case we didn't like each other or something) and went to meet him in Sorrento. Read more »

Lydia and Benjamin

I thought, "Oh...crap...he really did just propose!" Read more »

kim and alan

After three weeks of writing, we had our first date at the Museum of Nature and Science. I don't know if it was love at first sight, but it certainly was by the end of the day. He was everything that I had listed in my "perfect guy" list. Read more »

Lucy and Doug

I had just come home from a party late one night and logged on to OkCupid when I saw this guy that I had noticed online before. He had the most innocent smile I had ever seen, but I'd never messaged him since he was too far away. But that night, I was a little drunk, so I decided to IM him. Read more »

Chris and Tabitha

In those three days, we fell for each other faster and harder than we thought we ever could. Read more »

Steven and Ada

I thought to myself that if we were to ever kiss, then our beards could rub together! Read more »

Toni and Joe

Joe has been amazing from the start. He's like no one I've ever met. Our first date was in the beginning of July. We ordered Tropical Sno and ate it at a local park. We saw a movie, he dropped me back off at my house where I lived with my father and we talked the next day. I was hooked. Read more »

Brandy and James

We balance each other so well, and he really takes care of me. I don't know what I would do without him! Read more »

Rachelle and Bree

So I'm pretty outgoing and was just messing around and saw this beautiful women and sent her a quick message telling how cute she was and how i was blushing while writing her. Read more »

Maggie and Matthew

Matthew and Maggie knew something special was happening after exchanging excited emails on OkCupid, and then moving immediately to chat for a 15 hour long conversation back in 2007. Within a month, Matthew was having a custom engagement ring crafted to present to Maggie on New Year's Eve in front of the Christmas tree Read more »

Frank and Stephen

I had just been dumped off like trash at a dump from my last relationship, and I seriously wasn't thinking about getting into another one for awhile. Read more »

Julia and Brittney

We are soulmates -- I swear to God -- and I'm so happy I found this girl here on OkCupid. Read more »

David and Amy

We met on OkCupid, and we're getting married in October! She's the best girl ever. Read more »