Lauren and Scott

I love it. I love him. I love that I get to marry this dork. He says we're just awesome just because. He always knows just what to say, sometimes. We're happy. We're lovely. We're in love. February 5th we will be married and then after that hopefully drunk on a beach somewhere. Thank you OkCupid for helping these two jerks find love! Read more »

Ashley and Jacob

The moment I saw him it was like nothing else. I never had that "OMG, this is it" feeling in my life until him. I actually ran over to him & hugged him like a long lost friend & that's not even my character. My heart was beating so fast & I had this silly smile stuck on my face. Come to find the same thing was going on for him. We both remember thinking "Uh oh..." in our heads. Read more »

Heather and Rolando

I was a skeptic when I first joined this site. A lot of the guys I met were perverts or wanted nothing more than a booty call and that's it. Read more »

Liz and Robert

I'd like to tell my friends and family we met in some romantic storybook kinda way instead of online way but clearly that was just not gonna happen and that's ok cause we met anyways, and I wouldn't trade him for any prince on a white horse or shining armor. We just make sense to each other and that's awesome. Read more »

Jordan and David

Since I first met him, we've been spending every weekend together. It had to be destiny that we met, because how else do two people meet like this? Read more »

Holly and Craig

We knew instantly that the stars had aligned. No games. No lack of confidence. Just great times, lots of laughter and more love than I've ever known. We have been together every day since and were just married in Palm Springs. Read more »

Jessica and Donald

We are now expecting Jess's second child and Donny's first, and we have plans to get married! Read more »

Judy and Paul

I found Paul wearing a red jacket, my favorite color. He was standing in front of the ocean, and I love the ocean. I wrote to him, "You're standing in front of my ocean," and he wrote back, "And maybe we should be standing together." Read more »

BriAnne and Sean

When I went to the restaurant where we had agreed to meet, I found it had closed suddenly due to a fire, but there he was, sitting outside, waiting for me. Read more »

Erin and Stefan

I finally called him one night just to hear his voice and to tell him good night. After that night, it was for sure that we wanted to meet and see what could happen. Read more »

Jana and ryan

I am one very lucky girl! Read more »

Tracy and Chad

I was on OKCupid "for the tests" and to snoop on a guy I had recently broken things off with. I was terribly grumpy and my profile indicated such - I believe I said "contact me if you are a masochist" and "people are exhausting". Chad sent me a very to-the-point email: "if you don't want to meet anyone, why the photos? You keep coming up at the top of my matches...." Read more »

Leonila and Damon

I approached him on OkCupid...not something I normally do. But he was kind of guy! Read more »

Erin and Joseph

I don't know how I went from "I'm never going to get married" to "Let's go to the chapel!" but it has happened and I can't imagine ever being as happy as I am with him Read more »

Meri and Steven

'Message me if.... you like those dinosaur shaped gummies.' That caught my attention and I couldn't resist checking the rest of his page out. Read more »