Javan and Johnnie

I met with Johnnie shortly after we met online and it was love at first sight. Needless to say we are very happy together and we just welcomed a new addition to our extended family. Her name is Alyse. Read more »

joe and ryan

I personally didn't think that I could have a real relationship that starts online. Guess I was wrong. Read more »

Corinne and Josh

I had been on the site a few weeks before Josh messaged me. He was the only date I went on, and if I recall i got LOTS of messages. He called me at work to confirm plans that same day: "Hello, this is Josh , Ill be your date for the evening". I'll never forget how charming his voice was. Read more »

Kaitlyn and Ben

I almost chickened out of our first date. For all I knew, I could be a victim of some internet scam. Trembling and on edge, I drove to the Italian restaurant where we'd decided to meet. I arrived before him, and my nerves couldn't handle the wait. I decided I was going to turn around and go home! Read more »

Julia and Tristan

Well, I (Julia) had just joined the site, and had only been on about 2 weeks. I was perusing profiles, and he caught my eye instantly. Considering I had come to the site with the aim of dating a woman, that's saying something! Read more »

yamaira and ed

I felt so comfortable around him that I was doing cheesy dances in the parking lot for him. Read more »

Amanda and Freddie

We have been living together since December and our planning our wedding within the next few months! Read more »

Nick and Ashley

So while we were driving back to her work my mind was going crazy with thoughts like "Well, she already knows I'm going to ask tomorrow at the museum." I have always heard that it should be a surprise, so as we pulled up I made my mind up. She went inside and I waited a few seconds then frantically popped my trunk and grabbed the ring ran back to my seat and sat on the ring box and all. In my head, I told myself "Here we go." Read more »

Holly and Becky

Becky really is everything and more I could ever wish for and I am so lucky that she started talking to me on OkC!! Shes amazing and beautiful and cute and she makes me feel like I'm the most special girl in the world. I can't imagine never being with her. She truly is my angel. Read more »

Liz and Ryan

The first time I met Ryan, I thought he was gay! (It turns out, it was just that he had all the sensitivity, compassion, energy, friendliness and approachability of my best gay friends and none of the disgusting alpha male bravado that I'd come to associate with straight men.) I was sort of under the influence and I passed out on the couch of a house party the moment he had arrived to meet me in person. Read more »

Roy and Alicia

Our first date was amazingly awesome! We went to the 2010 Philadelphia Flower show, and it was truly an amazing day. I was surrounded by so much beauty the entire day... even when we weren't at the flower show, I had the pleasure of looking at a delicate flower all day. Read more »

Natalie and Jeff

I love him so much, and he's the sweetest man I have ever known. He was everything I was looking for and so much more that I didn't even know I wanted! I am so glad I found my soul mate, even if it was in the most unexpected way! We are so incredibly happy together, and I can't thank this site enough! Read more »

Cortney and Timothy

Cortney almost canceled at the last minute because she had never met someone from the internet in person before and was afraid of what she would say if he turned out to be weird or creepy in person. After a one hour delay, they met at Pick Me Up Cafe where they drank coffee and talked for four hours! Read more »

Leah and Chris

We talked for about 6 months before we met. It was awesome to get to know him online before meeting him in person, because once we met, it was like we already knew each other. I thought he was an amazing guy, and couldn't believe he wasn't already taken! He's such a catch!!! Read more »

Sieka and Justin

Since January things have been great...this is the happiest I've ever been in my life! Read more »