Janice and Raymond

He inspires me to be a better person. He encouraged me to chase after my dream of teaching. He spent hours on my resume and sat down with me to fill out the applications to colleges in town. I became an adjunct professor at 3 universities. Read more »

Tiffany and James

After ignoring many repetitious OkCupid messages, I received a long and fantastically-written message that was very personalized and full of intelligence, charm, and humor. It wasn't long before we agreed to meet and he arrived with my favorite kind of ice cream in hand. Read more »

Nicole and Christopher

He was late to pick me up. He was nervous and told a bad story. It was super cold. We went to dinner after the zoo and he wore the most awful plaid flannel shirt. Then we went to karaoke with a friend. He was adorable and sang songs in the car all the way home. Read more »

Briana and Mark

I never ever thought I could date someone who didn't listen to Tool, couldn't quote Boondock Saints, or wouldn't know a Goonies reference if it came up and bit him in the ass. Yet, Mark is all these things. He is from Mars. Read more »

Keli and Brandi

So we just hit it off from the very start. I do believe I have found the love of my life! Read more »

Nancy and Jack

I wasn't really looking to date a man when we first began chatting on this website. I am bisexual, and I was hoping to meet a good woman who could be my long-term partner at the time. But there was something about Jack that I seemed to really like, and we just clicked instantly. Read more »

Bekah and Craig

Craig showed up to the wrong bar for our first date, but my best friend talked me into staying to see what happened when he did show up. The date was a little awkward, but we seemed to get along ok. I didn't think he would call me, but 3 days later, he called and asked me out for the next weekend. Read more »

Tatiana and Scott

We clicked perfectly and I couldn't believe it! Our personalities were matched! I remember when I first saw him thinking "God, he's gorgeous." :) I was nervous but it was an amazing night. Read more »

Candice and Joshua

Josh and I met and started talking about how terrible my web design skills were, but what a decent photographer I was. Read more »

Keli and Dustin

We met in person 2 days later and have been inseperable since. He accepted my son from a previous marriage with open arms. We got married on April Fool's Day, exactly 3 months after we met. One week later, we found out that we were expecting identical twins! Read more »

Janice and Raymond

This story doesn't end with happily ever after. We are currently going though huge financial struggles... but all this stress just makes me love him more. Because I've realized if I have to walk through flames with anyone, I want it to be him. Amd he promised me that it always would be. Read more »

David and Misty

We had just gotten home from our New Year's date. She walked up the stairs to grab a blanket, but did not turn the lights on. I knelt down in the dark, and opened the lighted ring box. Misty was still looking the other direction. I said, "Misty..." and she finally turned around. I proposed, and after what was probably a few moments, but seemed like 3 days, she said "YES!" The lighted box worked out perfectly for the moment. I had planned on proposing that night, but wasn't sure when. I'm so glad Misty decided not to turn the lights on. It made an extra-special moment even more special! Read more »

Iris and Garrett

I couldn't have asked for a better partner, friend, and lover. He is perfect for me in every way and I am lucky he was so persistent in getting what he wanted. I tell him I love him every day and am thankful he is in my life. I cannot wait to grow old with this man. Thanks OkC! Read more »

Glen and Christine

She was the first match OKCupid offered me. My first mail to her was long, and we carried on talking on IM and email until we agreed to meet after a few months. We had come to know each other so well online that we changed our status message the day after our first physical date. Read more »

Johannah and Chris

He sent me a message, something like, "Mudkips? Stairs in your house? I don't think you know who you're messing with..." and a link to his SomethingAwful profile. Oh my god, I can't believe I am admitting to this. Read more »