Amber and Kevin

I will never forget how nervous I was. He was sitting in his Jetta with a grey beanie thing that just made him look so cute. I kept telling myself, be calm, don't freak him out. Read more »

Philip and Suzanne

Most people say that you can go the rest of your life without finding the one. That statement's a shame, really. Going the rest of my life without Suzanne wouldn't be life at all. Read more »

Abby and Kyle

When we first met, we met at a park. We hung out and we realized we were complete opposites. I almost hated him. We drifted our own ways, but he was still on my mind and I had no idea why. I just didn't give it up. I would text him even when I got no no response. I didn't know why, but I missed him. Read more »

Perry and Merri

After 10 years as a widow, Merri had sworn off online dating. Then, a friend asked her to check out a possible match (for the friend) on OkCupid. Merri said she would, but to do so, she had to set up a quick profile of her own. Read more »

Danielle and Brandon

Our relationship has already survived a six month deployment to Cuba. We were married 3/5/2010 and will be stationed in Puerto Rico this year. We want to thank you for helping us find each other. Read more »

Jonathan and Amber

We made plans for me to visit her place later that week. I didn't have a car at the time and she lived 12 miles from my house. I had told her I would visit and I wasn't gonna let a little walk get in the way. So I headed out to walk 12 miles to met this woman face to face for the first time. Read more »

Steve and Sherry

We don't do a lot of walking on beaches or dining at five star restaurants or even spur of the moment trips to faraway places, but then again, in reality - who does? We share similar interests and goals, we both like the same sorts of music and movies and we manage to get along without drama or strife. In the real world, it's a fairly damn good deal. Oh, and I should mention, I only went on one date from your site. I guess I struck gold and retired? Dunno, but I'm happy. Read more »

Stevi and Brian

When it time time to read the results, I was too nervous to look. I thrust the test at him, but was still in shock when he said "It says you're pregnant." Read more »

Brittany and Matt

We were both at the brink of giving up on true romance, and our heartbreaking past relationships had us pretty close to calling it quits in the game of love. But this site gave us the second chance we needed. Read more »

Diane and Mark

Well, we met on here in about April. I was not really looking for anything, but from the instant we started talking, he had me! He was so sweet and polite, always calling me Ma'am. I just thought that was so cute! Read more »

Grace and Daniel

I stumbled upon Grace’s profile as if by miracle – I was at the brink of closing my account, and giving up on the whole “Online Dating” scene out of sheer frustration of not finding what I had in mind. Read more »

Shayona and Will

We met the day after speaking to each other on OkCupid. We instantly knew it was going to last because I knew he was someone I could spend forever with. Read more »

Natalie and John

I never thought I would be an Army wife and still don't think I will ever love it, but I do know one thing... we may be apart a lot, but no matter how far away he is or how long he is gone I would much rather have him in my life that way than not have him in my life at all! Read more »

Olga and Frank

We had our first date in December of 2009 and in January he asked me to be his girlfriend. He's sent flowers to my door and has been treating me like someone so very special. And I finally realized that I am special to him as he is to me. Read more »

Joy and Lloyd

I picked him up from the airport on February 19, 2010 and he gave me a big bear hug :) Our first date was the next day and we went ice skating with my family and some of his friends and then we had a double date at the movies with my best friend Taylor and her boyfriend Josh. Read more »