Natalie and John

I never thought I would be an Army wife and still don't think I will ever love it, but I do know one thing... we may be apart a lot, but no matter how far away he is or how long he is gone I would much rather have him in my life that way than not have him in my life at all! Read more »

Olga and Frank

We had our first date in December of 2009 and in January he asked me to be his girlfriend. He's sent flowers to my door and has been treating me like someone so very special. And I finally realized that I am special to him as he is to me. Read more »

Joy and Lloyd

I picked him up from the airport on February 19, 2010 and he gave me a big bear hug :) Our first date was the next day and we went ice skating with my family and some of his friends and then we had a double date at the movies with my best friend Taylor and her boyfriend Josh. Read more »

Serena and Chad

We met through my OkCupid journal. Chad's comment was articulate, nerdy, and cool. Read more »

Charity and Rachael

I am so grateful for OkCupid! It gave me the love of my life, my wife, my baby's mother, my soul mate, my lover and friend, my everything and all. I met that one in a million that you only dream of sharing your life with. Read more »

Oriana and Colleen

I had been on OKC for a while and had met a bunch of great ladies, but nothing seemed to really click. I decided to cool it and just go with the flow for a while and stopped checking the site as often. A little while later, I got a wink from Colleen! Read more »

Meg and Phil

We went from total strangers to being engaged in 3 months. True love is out there. We've never been happier <3 Read more »

Jamie and Matt

A long time ago, in a place far far away, I signed up for OkCupid. I don't remember how I heard about the site but it was probably an ad on a website. I signed up on Dec 14, 2007 and had absolutely no luck on there. Sure, I talked to a few people not more than a few hours. I had just about given up on the site when I saw that Jamie was one of my "quick matches"... Read more »

becky and joe

We sat and chatted for almost an hour and then we walked around the mall for hours. We visited almost every store and talked about everything (and I mean everything). We didn't leave the mall till it was closing down, which was around 6:30pm. Then sat outside chatting for another hour... and we both still felt like the date went way too fast. Read more »

Amanda and Ray

After dinner he told me that he knew I had a terrible day and he asked me all about it but he had one last question. With all the crankiness I had in me, I sweetly said, "NOW WHAT?!?!" I looked up to see him on one knee in front of me!!! Read more »

Danielle and JP

I wore red patent high heels to the airport and when his flight landed I text him to 'look for the girl in the red shoes'. He found me. We had been speaking online for four months and I told him that I didn't want to meet him until I was perfect. He likes my chin. Read more »

Kristen and Danny

On Valentine's Day of 2010, he proposed. For once, no one said you're too young or it's too early. We haven't set the date yet but we are currently house shopping together & will be settling down very soon. Read more »

Allyson and Brian

I don't how you did it, but somehow you found the two most negative people on the whole site, and brought them together. But, hey, two negatives make a positive, right? Thanks, OkCupid. Read more »

Ben and Rachel

A few months after our first date, we were lying in bed talking about how we saw our futures, and we both admitted we didn't see ourselves parting anytime soon. She said it out loud first, but we were thinking the same thing. We decided to get married. Read more »

Panda and Justin

He is funny, crazy, weird, and romantic. He makes every day worth living. His profile never said any of that, but he was worth meeting. Thanks to OkCupid for connecting me with my soul mate, who only lived on the other side of town!! Read more »