Zack and Becca

What we both expected to be about an hour long rendez-vous turned into four hours. We continued to hang out and two months later began officially dating. Seven months after our first OkCupid message here we are! Read more »

Jessica and Rob

He asked me to marry him October 27, 2010 just before he got on the shuttle to go to basic training. Read more »

Mandy and Jeff

He stole my profile. The first paragraph of his self summary was exactly what I had written under "What I'm Doing With My Life." Obviously we had something in common, and the 80% match made it all the more worthwhile to explore. Read more »

Emma and Ian

look over there. what is it? it's a little piece of scrap metal, taking away what little breath i have. Read more »

Jeffrey and Courtney

Dinner went so well that we decided to go see a Broadway show where we kissed for the first time. Since then, we have seen each other almost every day. We are madly in love and we know we will be together forever! Thank you OKCupid! Read more »

Grant and Danna

Our first date was on Halloween of 2009. We had dinner, dessert, and talked for hours. Our chemistry was instantaneous. Less than a month later, we became exclusive. Read more »

Yves and Dan

It's funny sometimes you just know and with Dan I did know. Read more »

Tegan and Sarah

The first time I talked to Tegan I was completely drawn in. I mean come on... Tegan and Sarah? Doesn't that make us like lesbian royalty or something? Read more »

Grace and Jonathan

Well, we started talking online but soon trailed off. A few months later Grace found herself at a new job in the Columbia Tower in Dowtown Seattle, working as a chef's assistant. Oddly, Jonathan frequented the restaurant she worked at, and flirted with her without realizing they'd already "met" online. Read more »

Krys and Ray

We met on here. On our first date we went to a bar and listened to some music, then went and played pool, and played i never. I kicked his butt! We had a blast, and we spent every day after that together. Read more »

Rachel and Dmitriy

He had gone on over 20 dates, but he was my first one. I had only just started the service a month prior. We went to a Thai restaurant and I assumed it wasn't going to last very long... and then we ended up hanging out until 3 am. Read more »

Sam and Justine

Now I know what finding your soulmate feels like. Everything just falls into place. Read more »

Hannah and Jermey

It was the best date EVER. Read more »

Millie and Marc

I felt so safe in his arms. I didn't want to leave the cab and face the reality. Read more »

Candice and Lee

Every day is my best day knowing that I'm with the love of my life and my best friend. He is the most loving man I've ever known and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Read more »