Andrew and Melody

I dared her to come to Kansas to prove she was serious, and she called my bluff. Now, we live together and have been seeing each other ever since. Read more »

Meri and Justin

My sister actually set us up by giving him a link to my profile. We met on a group date (karaoke-how perfect for two awkward people like ourselves). Read more »

Troy and Stefanie

Our first date lasted for six hours - I could have sat outside eating ice cream with her all afternoon and through the night! Our next two dates lasted for 12 hours each. Six months in, we've hardly spent a day apart. Read more »

Becca and Chris

Chris had a girlfriend and I was still sleeping with my ex. One day I got an email from some strange guy on OKCupid who started babbling about how I should make underwear sculptures with my 63 pairs of panties (at the time, that was the "most private thing I'm willing to admit"). I was not impressed. Read more »

Danielle and Steven

In my heart, i know i have found the man i want to marry, the man i want to grow old with, i want to have his children and spend the rest of my life making him happy. I still go look at his profile, and i still smile when i get to the "you should send me a message" if section. Read more »

Brandon and Lauren

Neither one of us was prepared for the magnetism we felt for each other. I still get butterflies reading the first message I sent her. Read more »

James and Michelle

Michelle and I met online at about 5pm. We talked for a couple hours and we "Had" to meet that evening. We opted for an informal first "date" with a few friends that each of us brought along. The initial painful awkwardness soon gave way to deep conversations and endless laughing. Read more »

Sarah and Joe

Only a few days after conversing on OkCupid, Joe and I found out that we both go to the same University out here in Buffalo. We met up at a coffee shop on campus, talked for 3 hours, and I even got a kiss goodbye! Read more »

Kim and Forrest

We are getting married after meeting over 2 years ago on your website! Thanks so much for creating a great dating site and opening up a whole world of possibilities. Read more »

Jenna and Steve

We are both mid 40's, divorced with kids, baggage and histories. I found his profile on a whim one night: I wondered "who has the highest percentage match on OKC for me?" His profile came up with no photo. It was well written, thought out, and intriguing. I emailed him, feeling I needed to acknowledge that. He emailed back a smartass response to my liking Keith Olbermann and the banter started. Read more »

Sara and Danny

After about a month of going on seemingly wonderful first dates with gentlemen from OkCupid, only to have them crash and burn, I was getting frustrated and on the verge of giving up entirely. Danny sent me a message barely a day after I had claimed I was swearing off men until I had my life together here in LA. Read more »

Liz and Will

I found myself falling so hard. Even though a long-term relationship wasn't what I was looking for, I found both a friend and a relationship in Will. Read more »

Megan and Jeremy

The first time we met he paid for coffee and offered me his jacket when I was cold. On our first 'official' date he brought me flowers, opened all my doors and took me to one of my favorite 'dive' restaurants. Read more »

Jackie and Adam

What really makes this relationship different and more amazing than any I've ever had is that we are both able to be ourselves 100% of the time. We can have serious conversations about marriage, children, buying a house or we can go to the dollar store, buy plastic ninja swords and have epic battles in the living room. No matter what we're doing, we're having fun. Read more »

Kevin and Amy

We started talking that night and stayed on on till 3am and we did the same again the next day. It was wonderful. I finally got the courage to ask her if I could see her and she said yes. Read more »