Julie and John

John lived in Lacey, WA, and I lived in Redding, CA. Meeting didn't seem realistic. However, the more we talked the more we realized that we were really attracted to each other and had a lot in common. Neither of us were looking for a relationship at the time, but we decided to throw caution to the wind and meet each other for the weekend in Oregon. Read more »

Shannon and Shaun

Plans are in the works for a ring, a wedding, and a family, and we couldn't be happier!!! Maybe next we'll be up in OkBabies with a story (hoping for March or earlier!) Read more »

Frances and Michael

We're not together anymore, but we did meet on OkCupid and had a baby in August. She is AMAZING. I guess she is an OkBaby. I think the premise of OkCupid is great...I might even use it again! Read more »

Krystin and Jeremy

One day I received an email from someone asking me about my cars and talking about their classics. I was intrigued until I saw he was only 21. I had never dated someone younger than me and wasn't very interested in the idea, but I emailed him back anyway; I figured if anything we could be friends with something in common. Read more »

Nicole and Justin

From the very first emails we exchanged we both knew we had found the person we had been waiting our entire lives for. The crazy thing is that Justin's picture showed up in a Quickmatch...but he had never seen me so he was one of the random pictures you guys throw in. Read more »

Brad and Donna

I often think how lucky I am that I saw her journal post that day, and how glad I am that I fought my shyness and emailed her. OKC changed both or our lives for the better, forever. Read more »

Mykee and Kate

I took her out around town to all the places that made me seem cool, and for some reason she totally fell for it! =) muahahaha! Read more »

Crane and Stephen

We met in person at a waffle house, and we had so much in common we stayed there and talked for 6 hours. We went back to his place, and then I never really left. Read more »

Maren and Joe

After our 3rd date, we started seeing each other three times a week and spending entire weekends together. One weekend turned into an entire week of going to work together and coming home together - his home! Then the dog moved in too! A month later there was a house and a mortgage - and now there's a baby! Read more »

Nico and Elle

Elle was the one to message me first - only 5 days after I set up my profile, telling me that my list of interests were confusing and didn't make sense to her. At first I was affronted, wondering who she thought she was. I hit her back and explained them. Read more »

Vinessa and Megan

Megan took a test to see how we would match up just to kill time one day. OkCupid sent me a notice and I took her test. We have been together for 8 months so far, and it has been like heaven ever since. Read more »

Jordan and Joel

Just a warning, this story is going to make me seem like such a jerk... Read more »

John and Sara

I would personally like to thank OkCupid for making such a great site. Before I came here I tried other dating sites and even eHarmony, but they all require you to pay to even send anyone a message. I believe that nobody should have to pay to find love. Thanks, OkCupid, for bringing Sara and I together, and for keeping this site free for all who are looking for their special someone. Read more »

Ali and Jake

When we first met, I wasn't so sure about Jake. I wasn't a fan of younger guys nor motorcycles, but I thought, "Hey, what the hell?" Read more »

Ron and Eric

Eric and I first contacted each other shortly after joining OkC, because we had a high match percentage. We decided to meet even though he was at IU (in Bloomington, IN) and I was at U of I (in Urbana, IL). We had Easter brunch on our first date with some friends of mine, which was also Eric's birthday. Read more »