Jessica and Jeffrey

I had shown up in Jeff's Quiver, so he sent me a message asking me about my car, which is a 98 Pontiac Firebird. Since he had a 30th Anniversary 1999 WS6 Firebird Trans Am, it was his excuse for an opening line. Read more »

'tine and Drew

I'm the oldest child; Drew is the youngest child. I'm from a big city; Drew is from the middle of nowhere. I write songs; Drew gets songs written about him. We both have a significant disdain for mayonaise and Nickelback though, and that's what really matters, right? Read more »

Amanda and Brian

Cupid Baby!!! Read more »

blurredjustice and kumquaticus

I never really proposed. I simply told her "By the way, you are getting married. Congratulations!" one night. She congratulated me back. Read more »

Caroline and Chris

When I (Caroline) first checked out Chris' profile, I didn't think I was a good match for him. He seemed like he really knew what he wanted, it seems like I might be too young for him, and he lived about three hours away. He saw that I checked him out, and when he checked me out, he thought I was "out of his league" (psshhh). Read more »

Christina and Jessica

She was so beautiful I got shy. I looked down and then I actually hid behind a pillar! The girl of my dreams was before my eyes. I thought that once she really met me she would never talk to me again. But that didn't happen. Read more »

Maggie and Brett

I met the most wonderful person I've ever known through OKCupid! He started out by "wooing" me, which I didn't bother to respond to. Fortunately he sent an e-mail a short time later apologizing for the woo and starting a proper conversation. Read more »

lisa and curtis

I recognized his name from another message board. Later, I learned that he actually had an internet crush on me from the same message board but didn't have the balls to talk to me. (He is quite shy and I love it!) Read more »

Veronica and Benny

The day he was coming to meet my family, I paced for forty-five minutes because I was so nervous. I had never met someone that I wanted my family to like so much! He was a hit at Christmas. After he left that day, my grandmother whispered to me, "I hope you keep him for a long time... 'cause I really loved him!" Read more »

Eleigh and Angel

There was something sparkling in her eyes that made me say aloud, "Oh, she's an offensive little sh*t -- and I think I like it." Read more »

Helen and Brad

We both swore we would never remarry, so much it cost us a bet or two, and we would not have met without your website. Thank you. Read more »

Lisa and Taische

Even though we had previously met at one of my club events while we were with our previous partners, neither of us remembered the other until after his first e-mail contact with me. He mentioned mutual friends and it jogged our memories. Seeing as he is a PHD in physics, he had signed up due to your math based calculations, I signed up being recently single after six years. Read more »

Julianne and Patrick

I fell for his awkward gait, nerdy laugh and fat philosophically-named house rats. A few weeks later we went on an adventure to Roger Williams Park/Zoo, flew My Little Pony kites, saw the giraffes, went home and bonded over Milo and Otis. It was quirky love ever after. Read more »

Mari and John

The selling point for me was OkC's graphing and match percentages. I checked my compatibility with my friends that I've known for a few years and its pretty high - so that speaks pretty highly of its accuracy. Read more »

JoAnn and Eric

Eric playfully threw a small, green coconut to me. It actually hit my ankle, and hurt --alot! I chased him and hit him with the same coconut. (They call me "the bullet"--small, but fast.) He says that when I hit him with the coconut, he knew that I was the "one." What a goofball! Read more »