Sophy and Greg

This is not your average love story, but I met my best friend on OkC. I was restarting my life, and he bumped into my journal. We became almost instant friends, and have been for almost 2 years. Because of him I met all the friends I have now, including my other best friend, and my current SO, who might be the love of my life. Read more »

Julie and Chris

Four days after I signed up, I received the simplest, sweetest email (which I still have today) from a guy named azleo. Turns out that azleo, aka Chris, is the man of my dreams. I have never met someone so honest, kindhearted and genuine. We met face to face on September 1st 2007 and it was like a scene out of a movie Read more »

Nik and Fin

I'd had several experiences with men being intimidated by my sexual experience, and I was determined that my next relationship would be with someone who found the fact that I'm 81% a slut an attractive quality. Thanks to OkCupid, those people who would have judged me or been scared of me never even made it to my match screen. Read more »

Megan and Tim

I was studying in Scotland at the time and so was he- we even lived about 3 blocks away from each other! We met for beers one night, then a movie the next, then each went away on a 3 week holiday. We were talking back and forth the whole time and then saw each other immediately on return. Read more »

Kimberley and Jacob

Read more »

Sarah and Keith

We're going on ten months now and I couldn't be happier. He is the mac to my cheese. Read more »

Cherie and Chris

OkCupid played a vital role in Chris and I making our connection. Our initial online encounter was in a Prius forum. However after drawing the connection we had friends in common (despite living on opposite coasts of the country), I looked him up on OkCupid and knew he was someone I had to meet. Read more »

Allison and Holly

She is the single greatest thing to enter my life. We are so happy and in love. Read more »

Michael and Jennifer

Our light & fun friendship just turned into pure romance. The chemistry was amazing! She loves video games, Phillies baseball, Eagles football, and she thinks I'm the sweetest guy she's ever met. :) Awwwwwwww. Read more »

Alice and Kevin

We met on OkC almost a year ago, and have been in relationship since. He is the sweetest guy I have ever met- sincere, honest, respects a girl the way a guy should, and has a great heart. Read more »

Shayna and Bob

Through our first date, we shared tons of lifelong stories and laughs while watching the Phillies game. We lost the series, but I got a great man out of the deal! Read more »

Kat and Alex

I was getting ready to visit a friend in the UK and decided to look for people in the UK to hang out with. I looked at Alex's profile. He looked at mine and said "Why can't someone as cool as you live here?" I joked that that was the plan, as the elections were coming up and if another Republican won i would have to get myself a sham marriage. We started joking and flirting. he even offered to be my sham husband! Read more »

JR and Jenn

Without OKCupid, I would never have met this woman who I will someday marry, who lived just an hour away, who loves me so purely and unreservedly. She's saved my life from mediocrity and apathy. She's given me a future, and I can't wait to spend my days repaying her by doing anything and everything I can to make her happy and fulfill her dreams. Read more »

Russ and Lauren

Lauren always showed up at the top of my search results so I decided to write her an e-mail and somewhere between my message and profile, she was interested enough to write back. We connect on so many levels I can't even explain how perfectly we complement each other. I have never been happier. Read more »

Melissa and Jim

"Cupid draw back your bow and let your arrows fly straight to my lover's heart and mine..." That's exactly what OkCupid did for me and my straight-from-heaven and OkCupid husband! Read more »