Brent and Kira

Our initial connection has only grown stronger and deeper. Kira hasn't flipped my life around. She has just enhanced my life more than I could have ever anticipated. Read more »

Rachael and Todd

Todd and I met on OkCupid one day while I was browsing pictures. I saw a photo of him and loved the way he looked with his cute and quirky glasses. I sent him an email and we began to chat. Read more »

Lindsay and Jessica

Jessica is one of my very best friends. From the moment we met we've got alone wondrously and share many common hobbies/likes. I have practically become a member of her family, often invited over for get togethers and Holidays. I would never have moved to New York (or survived my move to New York) without her. Read more »

Chrissy and Hank

Since we met here, he decided to propose on the site, using a quiz he wrote just for me! It was very short and the last question was, "Will you marry me?" Of course I said yes. Read more »

Jenny and Krissie

The day of the date rolled around, we met at Swansea railway station, and I knew I was in trouble... She gave me a plushy tiger, and a big hug on meeting.. We wandered around, down to the beachfront, and just chatted about so many things, then we got ice cream from a little shop, and sat next to each other, nervously eating our ice creams, both of us cautious. Read more »

Lydia and Johan

It was his profile that really sparked my interest. More specifically: his favourite writers. I have a degree in Literary Studies, and after two boyfriends who barely read, I was yearning for someone who could share my passion for the written word. Read more »

Victoria and Brock

I have had a few boyfriends before Brock but none of them compare to the connection I feel with him. I've never met a guy who I could be myself around 100%. We have been together 4 months and it feels like we've known each other our whole lives. Read more »

Charles and Teri

I messaged her after reading in her profile that she was receiving rude messages about owning cats and rants about how "no one dates 34 year olds". I told her to ignore the knuckleheads and be thankful they showed her why they are undateable before she met them in person. Read more »

Melissa and Joya

On our first date, we went to a Tex-Mex place downtown that I adore, and she told me when we walked in that she actually doesn't like Mexican food, but that she agreed to go just because she wanted to hang out with me. HA. So we ate our chips and salsa and our conversation never saw a lull. Not to mention, she was totally cute. Read more »

Chris and Austin

We made plans to go out on a date on the 26th of December, I believe -- the classic "movie and dinner" date. I remember that day so well, I was so nervous that I didn't see where I was walking and stumbled into a frozen puddle, getting my entire foot wet. Read more »

Courtney and Mah

So I came back to OKC with an open mind and that's when I met Mah_Hend. Immediately Mah_Hand and I clicked. It's like we've known each other our whole lives. She likes to take control and I like to let her. She is the sweetest, most gentle thing I know. And I feel safe whenever she's near. Read more »

Bess and Justin

I'd been using OkCupid for ages for quizzes, but never really as a dating site, and for the longest time had my location set at my parents' house. Unfortunately, this was getting a lot of people from that area talking to me, while I spent most of my time about 4 hours away at college. So, at the beginning of spring semester, I decided, on a whim, to change my location. That's when I found him! Read more »

Jen and Steven

He's a cool cat, no joke. We've been together for almost 10 months now and believe it or not, we haven't fought. We really balance each other out... he's much more grounded and level-headed than I am and he knows when to pick his battles in any aspect of his life. Read more »

Cassandra and Alon

We moved in together on the day we met. We haven't spent a night away from each other since meeting. Read more »

kteightxxeight and fourwindsxx

I saw her profile and thought she was really cute; I even texted my sister saying that there was a girl I wanted to message, but didn't know what to say. Before my sister got the chance to text me back she had messaged me :) Read more »