Jen and Steven

He's a cool cat, no joke. We've been together for almost 10 months now and believe it or not, we haven't fought. We really balance each other out... he's much more grounded and level-headed than I am and he knows when to pick his battles in any aspect of his life. Read more »

Cassandra and Alon

We moved in together on the day we met. We haven't spent a night away from each other since meeting. Read more »

kteightxxeight and fourwindsxx

I saw her profile and thought she was really cute; I even texted my sister saying that there was a girl I wanted to message, but didn't know what to say. Before my sister got the chance to text me back she had messaged me :) Read more »

patricia and robert

When he came and we met, I just knew that he was going to be it for me. I didn't want to jinx it so I didn't say anything about it at first. Robert told me that he stood outside my place for about thirty minutes before he finally rung the doorbell. I am so happy that he didn't just get cold feet or something and walk away. Read more »

Amanda and John

John and I started chatting through OkCupid's messaging system and quickly realized we had a lot in common. Somehow, even though we went to the same university, we had lived in the same dorm on the same floor, our majors were housed in the same building on the same floor, and we were involved in a lot of the same activities, we had never met. Read more »

Heather and Chad

Being with Chad is best thing that's ever happened to me and I'm so lucky to have found someone to love for the rest of my life. I never actually expected to find anyone on this site that I would meet, let alone date, so all of the pieces fitting together seemed like Fate. Read more »

Rhyan and Jeff

I turned around to see what he meant only to find him down on one knee holding a ring box decorated with my favorite NASCAR driver's # and racing stripes. Knowing he had taken me by surprise, he continued, "Babe, will you marry me?" Read more »

Brendon and Elan

We've been together for 6 months now, and after many, many, many dates, encounters, and boyfriends over the years, I can honestly say that he's the best one I've ever had. Read more »

James and Darren

We started living together in March, and celebrated our 1 year anniversary the middle of this July. He celebrated it by setting up a scavenger hunt that led me back to the Starbucks where we had our first date, and proposed to me there! Read more »

Angie and Jeremy

We're both kind of quiet and introverted, but we ended up chatting the entire time on that first date. We've been together ever since! Read more »

Chris and Amber

I joined OkCupid expecting very little, and I ended up leaving with quite a bit. Whenever people ask how Amber and I met, I just tell them I won her on the Internet. Read more »

Phil and Anna

We first connected on OkCupid because we both have backgrounds in theatre and music. Anna was a bit skeptical about online dating and had mostly joined OkCupid because of the quizzes, but thankfully she stuck with it long enough for us to chat and meet in person. Read more »

Michael and MaryBeth

Talking online and on the phone without being able to see or go out with the person really forces you to discuss things and hold a real conversation which sets a strong foundation to build on. Read more »

Terri and Peter

I grabbed his ass as we crossed the tramline & we stayed at the Hotel California in Bordeaux, couldn't bear the thought of parting, he stayed with me in SW France & returned to Ireland for work stuff & returned 18 days later to collect me & my stuff & transport me to his solar powered farm here. Read more »

Meghan and Tom

I initially reached out to Tom because I could tell from his profile that he was educated and had a good sense of humor (not to mention being tall and handsome). We began chatting via IM and had an immediate connection. Read more »