Jessica and Dayan

When Dayan messaged me, I was instantly attracted to him and just fell in love. When I looked at his profile, I realized he lived 1407 miles away!! Read more »

Steven and Kristi

The movie was about to begin and -boom- the animation I had made for her came up on the screen. I got down on one knee (almost rolled down the aisle) and asked if she would marry me. Read more »

Hannah and Chris

When it came to our values, interests, and desires for our future, we have so much in common. We're also complete polar opposites when it comes to certain aspects of our lives, but instead of hindering any feelings we have towards one another, it completely balances us out as individuals and makes us closer. Read more »

Stesah and Drew

Neither of us were the type of people who thought online dating would ever work. Now we're getting married. Read more »

Abby and Kyle

Read more »

Mahalia and Ryan

I thought he was cute and was reassured by the fact he said he loved his family and intrigued by a claim that he had once eaten an entire tub of cream cheese. Read more »

Holly and Nick

Since we've had such success with OkCupid, we tell all of our single friends about it. One friend is getting married, one just got engaged and the third finally signed up last week! Read more »

Jessica and Steve

At first I was a bit disappointed at my potential matches. At best, my match % was 76%. Then, one day, I get a message from a guy who had a match % of 94%. Read more »

Juliann and Bartłomiej

I wasn't expecting to find the love of my life on an online dating site, but I did! Read more »

Amanda and Sean

On our first date, we had a couple come up to us in a store and ask us how long we had been together because we were so comfortable with each other. Read more »

Marin and Kyle

His filters were set up so that he would never have seen me. But, thanks to Quickmatch, I had to rate him and thought he was really cute. So I ended up messaging him and he messaged back and we started conversing regularly. Read more »

Brittany and Jesse

I stood him up two times before we really went out but I haven't slept anywhere his place since our third date 8 months ago! Read more »

Alicia and Chris

I had just broken up with someone and was determined to get right back into the dating game to find my Mr. Right, so I reopened my OkCupid profile. I just had this feeling that the right guy was just around the corner, I just had to keep my eyes open! Read more »

Nicole and Mike

The next night we had our first official date, and from then on I knew things would work out with him. For once in my life I had no "what if's" about him. About a month went by of us just talking and getting to know each other, and he finally asked me to be his girlfriend one cold night on the beach. Read more »

Andrea and Chris

After a blissful six months of living together he proposed to me by saying "I knew I wanted to marry you before you moved in, and I know I don't have a ring but I just couldn't wait another day." Read more »