Alicia and Chris

I had just broken up with someone and was determined to get right back into the dating game to find my Mr. Right, so I reopened my OkCupid profile. I just had this feeling that the right guy was just around the corner, I just had to keep my eyes open! Read more »

Nicole and Mike

The next night we had our first official date, and from then on I knew things would work out with him. For once in my life I had no "what if's" about him. About a month went by of us just talking and getting to know each other, and he finally asked me to be his girlfriend one cold night on the beach. Read more »

Andrea and Chris

After a blissful six months of living together he proposed to me by saying "I knew I wanted to marry you before you moved in, and I know I don't have a ring but I just couldn't wait another day." Read more »

Rebecca and Brian

I spent the entire night before Christmas using a wood burner to make a portrait of him for his Christmas present. How could I lie to myself after that?! "Hi Brian. I burned a portrait of you into wood for Christmas....but I just want to be friends." No one could be fooled about this any longer. We started dating a week later. Read more »

Angela and Stephen

He arrived to meet me with a huge bunch of flowers and not one, but two slices of different birthday cake, and we struck it off instantly! Read more »

Hope and Robert

Right there in front of everyone at that concert he got down one knee and said "Your love amazes me, will you marry me?" I was shocked and crying, but through my tears I said "Yes!" and the whole place went wild. We stood there on stage hugging for a long time. Read more »

Caitlin and Nick

We met at a park in my hometown (Medina, Ohio) and went to a coffee shop, but I was too nervous to eat or drink anything. He was my first date, my first boyfriend, and my first kiss. Read more »

Jason and Claudia

Our first date was magical, I couldn't have asked for more. Soon enough after, we were sharing her apartment, and after several months, I finally popped the question. Really, by this time it was more of a foregone conclusion, as we truly felt made for one another. Read more »

Melissa and John

We went ice skating. John was a terrible ice skater. I believe he fell down close to 20 times! Towards the end of the night, we were wrapping the date up, and after walking me to my car, he kissed me! Read more »

Robert and Shiela

I'm a massage therapist and I was browsing around this site mid December 2008 while babysitting my nephew. Honestly, I was looking around for cougars and desperate woman who had money to burn on massages since the recession made it hard to find work. Read more »

Amy and Tim

I wasn't an online dating optimist when I made a profile, I was merely having fun and wanted to see how it all worked. Today, however, I would strongly recommend this process- and especially this website- for all people interested in looking for a long-lasting relationship. Read more »

Paula and Carl

I messaged him and we instantly bonded over my favourite film - Benny & Joon. He had seen it and told me he sometimes made cheese toasties with an iron, like Johnny Depp's character does in the film. Haha, I was smitten :) Read more »

Amanda and Mike

We went to dinner, but hardly got to talk because our waitress was so chatty. Later, while watching television, we discovered that we're both Jeopardy-loving geeks and had a great time competing over the show. Read more »

Jennifer and Sebastian

Well, Sebastian and I went to the University of Louisville, but never met each other even though we lived within a mile of each other and attended the same school. I moved from Kentucky to Texas and was lonely in a new city and I did a search for U of L. people on OkCupid and found him. Read more »

Jessica and Joe

We had our first date at Disneyland, but before that, we spent a solid week texting each other about 50 times a day. Read more »