Emily and Matt

He was better in person than I expected, and we felt comfortable with each other from the start. We now share a cat, and see each other nearly every day, and I couldnt be happier! Read more »

Sarah and Jodie

She proposed to me in July. Where? Sat in front of the TV, with her chihuahua balanced on her shoulder. I couldn't really refuse her with a dog sat on her head; it was more 'us' than any grand romantic gesture would have been. Read more »

Jackki and Derek

Every time I look in Derek's eyes I fall even more in love with him. I never thought being on this website that I would find that. I even had my profile clearly stating that I only wanted to make friends and not to date much less finding the love of my life and my soul mate. Read more »

Maria and Chris

HE SAYS it started like this: He had seen my profile in his matches and had liked my eyes and my cheeks. He read my profile and wanted to get to know me. He noticed that we had been stalking each other for awhile (a great feature on this site, if you ask me), so he messaged me. I did not respond, and he was sad. But I KNOW it REALLY went like this... Read more »

Trish and James

He randomly messaged me after I came up in a search he did for people near his hometown who liked a certain band. I was the first to come up and he said I looked "sad" in my default picture and wanted to cheer me up. Read more »

Amanda and Patrick

We never have awkward silence together, and always seem to agree on the same things! I couldn't be happier and can't picture my life without him. I would have never met my perfect match if it wasn't for this great site! Read more »

Megan and Avi

He lived in Colorado, and I lived in Arizona. We spent our first year together chatting online nightly and visiting each other every few months. Read more »

Shelby and Andrew

I browsed over Andrew's profile, and I saw some photos of he and his friends donned in their motorcycle gear. His cutline was, "Me before laying my bike down." I sent him a brief message that said, "You're supposed to keep your bike on two wheels." Read more »

Lauren and Jeff

Every day we remember how blessed we are to have found the loves of our lives. Read more »

Jennifer and Correl

I found Correl through the OkCupid match search and sent him a message. We soon began talking on AIM and on the phone. I was able to convince him to come visit me in Red Bank by promising to show him Kevin Smith sites. Read more »

Anita and Ryan

"We have always known that we're perfect for each other and it feels like we've known one another our whole lives. But without OkCupid, we never would have met." Read more »

Joe and Elyse

I met the love of my life on OkCupid.com about 3 years ago. (Who knew back then that meeting someone online would become so mainstream and successful?) Last week we got engaged! Read more »

Melissa and Chris

3 years and thousands of frequent flier miles later, Letitallout and Pecksta have finally tied the knot and it all started with OkCupid. We attribute our good relationship to your awesome matching system. Read more »

Sarah and Damien

I had moved to Florida and was having a hard time settling in and finding my niche of friends. Much to my dismay, my dear friend Jen decided to help me out and sent me a login and password for OkCupid.com. It was a free internet dating site, and I NEVER thought anything would come of it... Read more »

Beautifulfool and UnorthadoxFox

Thanks for helping to create possibly the hottest lesbian couple in the metro-Atlanta area! Read more »