Dorie and John

I just married my soulmate, John, who I met on OKCupid in 2007. I've attached some photos from our Sept. 26th wedding. Thanks for giving me the man of my dreams! Read more »

Lilalou and Jonee

I found a totally awesome guy who did NOT have Asperger's (or any other intersocial disorders). but he was halfway across the country :-( and so we decided to Mexico! Read more »

Quix and Jessica

At the point in my life where I met my future wife, I was recovering from a really bad breakup about 6 months earlier and I'd made a conscious decision to not get serious with anyone (why is it that whenever one makes this decision one always ends up in long term relationships?). Read more »

Miss Hopeful Romantic and Mister Optimistic

This past February, my fiance and I met on OkCupid. We had both separately considered taking a break from online dating but we left our accounts up after all because we still had hope despite the frustrations of dating. Read more »

Scott and Aimee

I joined OK Cupid a while back, mainly for the silly blog widgets that you had. However, I was single, and since I was here, I filled out a profile. While I filled it out fairly completely, I wasn't actively seeking dates... however, I wasn't going to turn a good opportunity down, either. Read more »

Ashley and Joe

I just wanted to let you know that Joe and I met on this site in July of 2008 and started dating very soon after that. On November 13th, 2009, Joe proposed to me. Without your site I wouldn't have met the man of my dreams. Read more »

Sleepyweasel and Eruvande

We've been married for three months now, and things couldn't be better. Our life together is wonderful - comfortable, exciting, sexy, and fun. We think the rest of our lives will be just as awesome as the last three months have been. Read more »

Veronica and Sam

Completely tired of the bullshit, I told him that I was free that night if he wanted to join me for dinner. On his way out the door he pulled a rose off the bush by his door and it turned out to be my absolute favorite color. WIN! Read more »

tamjos and telephonelove

We first started corresponding in April of 07, met for the first time in Sept 07. Got engaged in October 08 and MARRIED in May of 09!! Couldn't be happier that he found me here. Read more »

Stephanie and Nathan

I was getting really skeptical. I had met a few guys on here already that bombed, but I decided to give it a shot... and we have been together over a year! Read more »

Danielle and Shawn

On our first "date," we sat on a dock overlooking the Lake and got to know each other over a few beers at a local Mexican joint. We've been practically inseparable ever since Read more »