Letitia and Thomas

It took a few bombed dates before I met a great guy on this site, and he was it! Read more »

Genevieve and Josh

We got married a year to the day later and our two backup plan friends each gave a speech about how they were the date escape if things had gone sour. Read more »

Justin and Millie

It was like we had known each other for years. We felt so comfortable with each other and everything about the relationship was perfect. Read more »

Russell and Kate

Bars have never been my scene and I'm glad OkCupid was there to connect Kate and I. Meeting her has been the single greatest thing in my life. Read more »

Dana and Paul

The first date went smashingly--lasting 23 hours! :) Read more »

Andrew and Kira

We initially decided to meet because she was looking for a roommate and since our match percentage was high, we figured we would get along well. After two meetings, we began dating instead. Now we are engaged to be married in July of next year (2011). Read more »

Katy and Dominic

I'm afraid I'm going to wake up one day & its all just a dream. I never thought love could be like this. Read more »

Julia and Sean

Sean, I love you more than anything in this world, and it is so fitting that it was a site like this that ultimately brought us together. Read more »

Steve and Darrell

After 2 1/2 months, Darrell called me up on my birthday in July 2009 to tell me that he'd fallen in love with me. A few weeks later I flew out from Michigan to Washington and the rest is history. It should be noted for historical purposes that I showed up in the airport dressed like Fry from Futurama. I don't normally cosplay, but this was a special exception! Read more »

Michael and Yolanda

We were a 75% match. She told me after the fact that on principal she didn't want to consider anyone below 90%, but she liked my picture and decided to take a chance on me and wrote back without even reading my profile... and I'm SO glad she did. Read more »

Julia and Daniel

Thanks, OkCupid, for helping me find a genuine, witty, playful, sincere man-child who helps me be the best person I can be! Can I keep him? Read more »

Kerri and Michael

Our first date was interesting, because there was not a whole lot to do in town so we went to a museum and then to the local dog show. Even though this was one of the cheesiest dates I had ever been on, we just had so much fun together. It was one of the best dates I have ever had. Read more »

Bryan and Callie

When I got out of the truck, Callie got out of a car with herself and five of her lady friends. Callie introduced be to her five friends and she did by the wrong name (whoops). Read more »

Jessi and Ellie

She slipped her arms around me despite the heat, and being her cheesy self, said, "This was all once someone's dream. And this is mine." She spun me around like she usually does when she wants a kiss, so I was expecting her to be in front of me. Instead, she was down on one knee holding a ring. Read more »

Kelsey and Kerri

I can say that I want a life with Kerri for as long as she'll have me. I hope to one day be able to marry her and have children with her and make a long and happy life with her. Read more »