• Hi! And welcome to my Super Zombie Survival Test. If zombies popped up and started over-running the planet, would you live through the chaos or would you be grubbin' on grey matter with the rest of the undead?
  • 1
    What is your weapons proficiency?

  • 2
    You're sleeping in your suburban home and wake to screaming and sirens. You turn on the tv/radio to hear splotchy reports of rioting and bloodshed. What's the first thing you do?

  • 3
    Which supplies would you take with you when you leave?

  • 4
    Upon leaving your home, you head:

  • 5
    You're leaving the city and you come across an accident barricading the highway. You:

  • 6
    Your vehicle dies in a large, open area and there's a large contigency of zombies closing in on you from every direction. You:

  • 7
    The shelter you've found is a small, old church that looks as if it will fall apart any minute. You:

  • 8
    Zombies break through your rotten barricades in the middle of the night and in the escape, one of your party members is bitten. You:

  • 9
    You come across a building that is well fortified with a sniper on the roof. You shout up, asking to be let in and he tells you no. You:

  • 10
    You come to a very small town that looks unaffected yet deserted. You:

  • 11
    You find that most people fled the little town when the zombies came, but there are still a few of both. The survivors join your group and you kill off the zombies left in town, but a scout says that there's a huge mob on their way. You have probably 8-10 hours until they arrive. You:

  • 12
    There's dissension among the ranks deciding what to do in the little town. One group wants to continue to follow you and the other wants to follow the small town's preacher. You:

  • 13
    You've been travelling around for a few months picking up survivors and picking off the undead. Your party has about 50 members and you haven't seen more than 3-4 zombies at a time for about two weeks now. You decide you should try to build a colony and farm, as supplies are getting harder and harder to find. Where do you go?

  • 14
    The colony is going good and you see fewer and fewer zombies. One day you're on a raid for supplies and out of nowhere you get bitten. No one with you notices. You:

  • 15
    Did you enjoy this, The Super Zombie Survival Quiz?

  • 16
    Do you have any serious disabilities or limitations?