• Greetings! For those expecting an in-depth analysis of life after death, that is not what this test is about. This test will focus on life before death. We'll be using the creative genius of Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons) to help us. 

    The purpose of this test is threeford. It will...

    1. Answer the question "Is life hell?"2. Tell you why your life is hell. 3. Tell you which "Life in Hell" character you are and why.


  • If you are here, you probably followed the "great link" from all of my tests.  Unfortunately it has been over a year, and what you have seen so far is all I've been able to create.  But I thought you'd enjoy my "Life in Hell" pictures. 

    Aww shucks, you want to take the test anyway?  Ok, let's see what you know.