• While the medical profession may not use the term "neurotic" anymore, that does not mean that the neurotics of the world have disappeared. No, we are still around, quietly biting our nails, obsessively rearranging our bookcases, and always, always wondering what you think of us. We are high-functioning, mildly OCD, and think the suggestion to "relax" is as laughable as the command "sprout wings and fly."

    Although neurotics come in all shapes and sizes (very few that we like), there are a few overarching characteristics which this test will attempt to measure:

    General anxiety - This covers pessimism, self-doubt, dread, and other nervousness. A veritable barrel of fun.

    Social ineptitude - This covers awkwardness, overanalysis of situations and people, and conversational tools like sarcasm or self-effacement.

    Obsessive-compulsive behavior - This covers counting, stacking, obsessing, nail-biting, and all your other favorite habits.

    So come on in, and I hope you enjoy the test! In fact, it is extremely important to me that you enjoy it. You will, right?

    Pictures all from Getty Images