• When most people think about feminism, they think about hairy linebackers burning bras or "self-empowered women" pole dancing. Feminism is much more than that. This test is designed for both men and women and will attempt to measure whether or not you are a feminist. Unlike, of course this test which I took a while back and was horrified how full of crap it was. I will not test you with quotes and Women's Studies jargon, just political and social opinions. I'm also operating on real feminism gained from running with the Sanctimonious Women's Studies Set, reading lots of books with big words, and kicking ass and taking names. How magnanimous of me to share my knowledge with you!

    First, a disclaimer: I am a Feminist, but not the fun kind. If you recognize that statement, I'm impressed. This test is not about naughty bits or orgies; it's about a genuine social and political commitment to fighting patriarchy and sexism. If you were expecting the sort of test with naked women and large fake breasts, there are plenty of options for you to explore by pressing the back button.