• Congrats! You've been picked for SURVIVOR. Can you outwit, outplay, and outlast the rest to become the ultimate winner? Be careful, sharks and alliances may get rid of you for almost any reason. There are many ways to lose, and only a few ways to win. Choose any age and gender. Can you find a winning strategy?
  • Some more details and tips for those who are interested...
  • There are 28 possible outcomes (the maximum they would allow). There are two ways to win as a man, and two as a woman, but it's not easy. It's incredibly difficult to win by making random choices. Your best chance is to choose a plan, not necessarily aggresive, and stick to it. Even if you don't finish in the top 4, that doesn't mean you made poor choices. There is of course luck involved.
    You may be curious how I determined what scores get what rankings.  After watching nearly every "Survivor" episode, I've noticed trends in what works, including some things that used to work and do not anymore.  It's also reality that good players may get voted out early for various reasons.  
    Finally, most of the limitations of this "game" are due to the fact that I was limited by OKCUPID to 28 outcomes.  I had wanted to track 4 variables (gender, age, health (as others perceive it), and stealth.  I was forced to make some compromises.  In the finished result, my test places you into a category based on your gender and health, and after that there are 7 different possible outcomes.