• Hearkening back to the days of cavemen, males would always use a buffer. Back then it was a buffer bush. Thousands of years of scientific advancement later, the bush has been replaced by a buffer urinal.

    Sadly, natural selection has done little to weed out the uneducated bathroom goers. This test succeeds where natural selection has failed. Men, by achieving a favorable result, you will be presenting yourself as more alluring to the lovely women of this site. Maximum procreation is sure to follow. Women, you know our quirks, so you may try your luck at this test as well.

    Updated 5/17/06

    Thanks for all the feedback. I have changed the scoring for a couple questions. Also, to obtain the maximum score, you should focus on the correct choice for you... ignoring the impact it might have on future bathroom goers. In other words, don't pass up your best option because it could potentially cause trouble down the road.