Welcome to the Very Offensive Religion Test. Here is where i use totally inappropriate stereotypes and my own jaded view of the world to label you with the religion you SHOULD belong to. This test doesnt try to guess your actual religion. It wouldnt be much of a revelation if i told a christian that they were one would it?

    Disclaimer: There are a few things to note

    1) This test is judgemental, biased, and totally innaccurate in determining your ACTUAL religion.

    2) This test is satire. It is meant as a small social comment on religion from someone totally non-qualified in the field of religion. Also its mainly aimed at christianity as that is what i am most exposed to. No EXTRA offense intended to christians

    3) I base this off STEREOTYPES

    4) Not all possible answers, or even the best covering answers are available as this is done in the name of parody not accuracy

    5) I had to call the variable something and when i first made this test i called it "Idiocy" before i even thought of the questions. If this is likely to offend you then too f***ing bad.