• ***Warning***
    I've written this test before unfortunatly it dissapeared from the public pages so I've re-written it, if you have old scores please delete them and retake the test since I also added (a lot of) new questions.

    Hi! And welcome to my SQ (sexual quotient) Test.

    This test will ask a lot of questions about you're sex-life and your fantasies. It will look long but many questions have the same answers and therefore it is quickly filled in.

    Some questions may seem offensive or utterly wrong, it can also be that there are wierd distinguishes between questions (child abuse/rape for instance) It has however a purpose to ask these questions or in that fashion, if you want an explenation why they are asked in this way you can get an explenation by emailing me, please do not flag it as inapropriate without asking!!!

    Less usual fetishes will get more points if answered positive this will not be proportional to the number of people that practice the fetish, mostly because most fetishes do not have a known percentage of practicers.

    Last I based this test on sound research (as far as possible) for instance I used results of the durex global sex survey as a starting point for some questions.

    Dont worry if you answer a lot more No then Yes it is what I expect because people mostly focuss on a few fetishes in stead of being an all rounder.

    ***Update*** prolimenary results have been translated to an actual SQ score and a graph. (the SQ scores can still change!) The results are now based on 308 takers. Last I want to thank everybody that has helped me make this test better, by giving feedback and suggestions for new questions.