A Slightly Different Astrological Compatibility Test

  • 27/4 UPDATE: The scores and results have been tweaked and shortened.  Hopefully this will clear up some of the repetitive results I've been seeing.

    Most of these "astrology" tests laying around seem to be the same old story.  Well, this one's a little different, because the author isn't an astrological novice (and is also very shameless about exhibiting that Leonine tendency to be a hysterically arrogant bastard).

    Zodiac signs aren't just highly specific, independent entities.  They have characteristics, but you knew that, right?  So, this measures traits as opposed to the signs individually, meaning you don't get a bunch of low scoring results that might be too closely tied to give you a really accurate result.

    But most importantly, this test isn't just about sun signs!  Which is what is displayed on profiles and looked for in horoscopes.  No, your result could be referring to a sun sign, but it could also be referring to any strong influence in a person's astrological birth chart (which you can do for free here).  Meaning, don't give up hope or send me angry messages when your result says "Capricorn" and you've only been enamoured with Arians your whole life.

    All art is taken from Yuhon's zodiac series.