• 1

    A cadenza is often found...?

  • 2

    His 8th symphony was left unfinished, like most of my home projects.

  • 3

    His etudes bedazzle the listener, but often befuddle the student.

  • 4

    Speaking of students, who composed the "Students' Sonata"?

  • 5

    Who is considered an "Impressionist" composer?

  • 6

    So you're getting married.  Big mistake.  See if you get this one right:  Who composed the famous wedding march?

  • 7

    You're a lieutenant colonel leading a flight of Hueys to rocket and strafe an NVA-controlled village.  What composer do you blare out your M229 speakers to scare the bejeezus out of the locals?

  • 8

    Tchaichovsky's 1812 Overture celebrates the defeat of what country's army at the gates of Moscow?

  • 9

    "Water Music" was composed for King George I, and was played on a barge floating on the Thames River, next to the royal barge.  Who composed "Water Music"?

  • 10

    Edward Elgar composed the "Graduation March" - you know the tune - da da dadada da da...  From what composition does it come?