Anna's weird quiz about friendships that you really shouldn't do but you are.

  • Yeah, I know this is a really big change from my usual post but sometimes people need to stop being chickens and just accept change. That's right, I said it. You're a chicken.


    Actually, this was made because the post was about the really weird friendships people make sometimes that are really really strange. Like, there's something about those two being friends that aren't just your usual platonic, close friendship.


    Actually actually, I made this because I've been doing some reflecting and have realised I'm not really friends with some people I thought I was friends with and I'm much better friends with some people I'd never have counted amongst my closer friends. Because I'm a douchey idiot that way. Mostly, an idiot but a bit douchey sometimes.


    Well, not to keep everyone from doing this craptastic quiz, you might as well start it. You can do this with a certain friend in mind or you can apply this to a friendship you've seen around.


    Let's actually be honest here, who will even do this? And seriously to some extent either?