• We all know that being a nerd has somehow become sexy. We've got computer nerds, RPG nerds, book worms, science geeks- but how about a sex nerd? Could that be the sexiest of all? Indeed, I think so.


    There are a million tests on this site that aim at telling you whether or not you are a sex god(ess)- this is NOT another one. In this test I am going to ask you 25 questions about all things sex related (physiology, culture, gender, history etc). As we already KNOW you are probably amazing in bed- now the aim is to find out- is your BRAIN as strong as your sex drive?


    I will post the answers at the end. Think of this as a learning experience :-) Some of the answers are sort of obscure- and others you may be able to answer just by thinking about your own body and sexual activity. Enjoy!


    PS: Thanks to everyone who wrote to me. You're all awesome.  I've been looking into  some of the answers more and clarifying/revising  them. I wrote this test using articles and notes I  had from an amazing class I took  last semester- but as with everything- there is always more to learn- plus, there is always new research that either disproves or adds to old information. If anyone  has any questions or suggestion as to how to make answers/questions more clear feel free to write.