• Ahoy! Captain Bill Bonny at yer service, Ladies. Ah, and Gentlemen, too. (Oh, aye, I know whose portrait is above decks, but my fine face ain't never been immortalized.)

    I wrote this test in a steaming fit of the Devil's own rage, as I had taken an "Are you fit to be a pirate!" test and it was all wenches and rum and actions that'll get ye run through at the first sight of a sail. There's more to piracy than just shouting "Aarrr!" I'd just as soon have crewmates who won't get me slaughtered. Unless ye pass well this test, surelye, ye shan't be riding alonga my wind.

    I'll get ye run down, and see if ye know the ropes on general pirating, and then to see if ye're fit to hold yer hand to the slaughter. If ye ain't, I may take ye on as cooksun. And if ye're too law abidin' fer my crew, I'll direct ye back to the Navy, surelye.

    The Wind's Road be waitin' fer us, Brethren! I'll see ye on the waves, and if you be fit crew men, I'll glut ye with gold, see if it don't be true.

    If any of ye are discontented with my assessment of yer abilities as a pirate, feel free to draw cutlass and challege, but only after ye've learned a few ropes. I suggest this site. http://www.cindyvallar.com/piratearticles.html

    If ye know how to make my questions better, I'd be glad to consider it. I'm only captain by yer consent, after all.