• Hello! You've probably come here intrigued by the title because it resonates with you somewhat, yes? Over the years I've watched people and have developed ideas about things like "why the hell am I different?" or "I'm a friendly kind of person and not particularly weird (IMO) so why do people treat me like I'm from another planet fer Goshsakes!"

    If you can relate, then go ahead with this test. Heck, even if this doesn't even remotely sound like you take it... you never know!

    This test is to determine whether you are more of a "Normal" nature or more of an "Other"nature. Normals make up the majority of the earth's population and all societies and cultures are molded by them. People who are "Other" are the ones that have never fit in, do things differently and succeed, think outside the box. Most of us, for most of our lives, have tried with limited success to fit in, conform, belong. But no matter how we try, there's always a time when someone looks at you with that puzzled expression.

    I'm looking for such people. My kind of people. Are YOU one of them?

    One more thing... this test is pretty simplistic in design due to the restrictive nature of the software. I'm working on a better, more definitive test. Until then, keep this in mind:

    0 - 25 - you have some "Other" aspects, but you're pretty close to being a "Normal", either because you believe as they do against your nature or you're naturally that way.

    26 - 50 - you are pretty unusual, but not terribly so. For the most part you get along and/or relate with "Normals" but are considered a bit eccentric.

    51 - 75 - you're more "Other" than "Normal" and probably always feel like an outsider. But you still have many traits, either inborn or unquestioned, that either makes you a bright/unusual "Normal" or an "Other" who's not fully developed as yet.

    76 - 100 - you ARE an "Other". Closer to 76 percent? perhaps there are some beliefs or tendencies from your social training that you've not scrutinized closely, yet. Closer to 100 percent? Then you and I and apparently quite a few others think alike. Welcome to the group!