• This test utilizes some hot-button topic and interpersonal questions to quantify what your core set of morals and ethics are. No side is chosen with long-standing social/political debates, making how you react to certain situations the deciding criteria of your "supernatural placement."


    Although considering ethics on an axiomatic/anarchic scale is fairly easy to gauge (you either abide by a code of ethics, keep the laws, break them, or have no personal code of conduct), considering whether you're good or evil is gauged by what concrete morality is commonly accepted among most, if not all, philosophies regarding these criteria. For instance, a Good person is generous, sympathetic, selfless, and often working to better society as a whole while considering the consequences, and an Evil person is sadistic, masochistic, domineering, and often only wishing to fulfill their own desires regardless of the cost.


    Both Good and Evil people can champion the same causes and follow the same ideals, though their motivations to do so differ greatly. As such, many questions, like Pro-Life VS Pro-Choice, have little, if anything, to do with morality, but rather deal with your ethics. Both random and structured mentalities can heed to the same calling. Thus, many other questions, like how you treat an ex-lover, have nothing to do with ethics, but how tainted your morality is.


    When answering these questions, please assume you would have the time, money, resources, social circle, and any other prerequisite to choose the option you favor most. Don't let certain daily routines, such as having to pick up the kids from school, sway your choices- you already got that covered here! ;-)


    So, relax, have fun, and maybe gain a little insight into who you really are (assuming you're honestly answering these). Each result contains a reflection on the outlook, a small piece on self-help, and detailed examples of a historic and fictional person who fits each type. So be certain to read your entire result, even if you believe you got it in error; you might learn something about yourself.