• 1

    What is your belief?

  • 2

    Who wrote the religious text?

  • 3

    Is God against abortion?

  • 4

    Does God favor Astrology?

  • 5

    Are True Christians immune to venom and poison?

  • 6

    Is God in favor of birth control?

  • 7

    Does God feel that disbelievers should be put to death?

  • 8

    Does God willingly make people blind?

  • 9

    Is being blind a sin against God?

  • 10

    Does God favor cannibalism?

  • 11

    Does God favor capital punishment for all crimes?

  • 12

    Does God believe children should be murdered for talking back to their parents?

  • 13

    Should parents love God more than their own children?

  • 14

    Should parents happily slaughter their children for God?

  • 15

    Is it okay to cross dress, no matter the gender?

  • Almost there. Remember that all of the answers to these questions can be found in the old and new testament. There is no debate about this. You either are going to hell or heaven. If you're taking this quiz for fun, then I hope you have learned a thing or two in the process of taking this exam.