• Well this is a pretty simple quiz because I'm just trying to find a few people that match up with me. Take it and find out. 
  • 1

    What are your aspirations in life?

  • 2

    What do you think of kids?

  • 3

    How do you feel about religion?


  • 4

    What are you preferences when it comes to the way a girl dresses.

  • 5

    What do you like on a girl as far as body type?

  • 6

    Body modification anyone?

  • 7

    What is your main passion in life, your hobby?

  • 8

    What kind of movie gets your boat a rockin?

  • 9

    What kind of music would you like to go see in concert?

  • 10

    Lastly, what are your views on sex?