• Welcome to my test, Sweeties! 

    I started this because I did some of my own, and I belive that they were rather biased, and not really accurate. I'm not saying I can tell you straightforwardly which sex you're attracted to. Or, if you're attracted to both, which you're more attacted to. 

    I, myself, am a bi-sexual male, but I lean more toward men, than woman. I am also in a healthy relationship, and I really hope this test helps you!

    The questions will start off soft, and get more personal, and a little hardcore. But, don't be afraid, and don't start questioning yourself haflway through the test. Just go through with all of it, and find out your potential fate. 

    If you were sure you were straight to begin with, and find that you're either attracted to both, or just gay, don't be worried, or angry with yourself! Be proud of who you're, because, honey, you were born this way!