• Note: The test questions are written for people who have been in at least one relationship. If you have never been in a relationship, it will still give you an indication of your attachment style - but it may be hard to answer some items.

    This test will measure your attachment style and explain what category you fit into (secure, anxious, or avoidant).  Attachment style has significant implications for relationships, and mismatches in attachment style create significant problems in relationships.  For example, anxious people are attracted to traits displayed by avoidant people at first, but avoidants end up driving anxious people crazy in the long run.  For more, read the book "Attached".  At the end of the quiz, you will learn more.  Answer as honestly as possible for an accurate result.  

    DIRECTIONS:  If a statement is true for you, select "true for me".  If it is not true for you, select "not true for me".   You can skip questions that you cannot answer, but the more questions you skip - the less accurate the score will be.

  • 1

    I often feel concerned that people I start to date will lose interest in me at some point.

  • 2

    I find it easy to be affectionate with a partner.

  • 3

    I fear that once someone gets to know the real me, s/he won't like who I am. 

  • 4

    I find that I bounce back quickly after a breakup.  I can just someone out of my mind.

  • 5

    When I'm not involved in a relationship, I feel somewhat anxious and incomplete.

  • 6

    I find it difficult to emotionally support a partner when s/he is feeling down.

  • 7

    If my partner is away, I feel afraid that s/he might become interested in someone else.  

  • 8

    I feel comfortable depending on romantic partners.

  • 9

    My independence is more important to me than my relationships.

  • 10

    I prefer not to share my innermost feelings with a partner.

  • 11

    When I show a partner how I feel, I'm afraid s/he will not feel the same about me. 

  • 12

    I am generally satisfied with my romantic relationships.

  • 13

    I don't feel the need to act out much in my romantic relationships.

  • 14

    I think about my relationships a lot.

  • 15

    I find it difficult to depend on romantic partners.

  • 16

    I tend to get very quickly attached to someone at the start of a relationship that seems promising (good attraction physically and emotionally)

  • 17

    I have little difficulty expressing my needs and wants to a partner.

  • 18

    I sometimes feel angry or annoyed with a partner without knowing why.

  • 19

    I am very sensitive to a partner's moods.

  • 20

    I believe most people are essentially honest and dependable.

  • 21

    I prefer casual sex with uncommitted partners to intimate sex with one person.

  • 22

    I'm comfortable sharing my personal thoughts and feelings with a partner.