Being 'Real Love' and Being 'Loving Kindness' Test

  • Hi! And welcome to my Real Love and Loving Kindness Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature.
  • 1

    Do think it is okay to end a connection, where you have talked by phone and you have met in person for 4 hours or more, through an e-mail or through using an IM?

  • 2

    Do you think a man expressing grief, sadness, or disappointment, and actually releasing tears, is healthy with his love partner?

  • 3

    Do you think it is okay to stand up a date and not inform them with a phone call at least 6 hours ahead of time(assume your date was made a day or more before), so he or she can make other plans?

  • 4

    Are you willing to listen and communicate through either your own or your partners anger/upset and find out what unmet needs and desires your partner is not getting met and seek empowering ways to resolve those chronic unmet needs?


  • 5

    If your love partner was obviously depressed, mad or sad, and lethargic in their energy, would you:

  • 6

     A relationship is about:

  • 7

    Why do you want a relationship?