• Ok,lets start.We will begin with the childhood of your character,and some normal,boring and important questions.

  • 1

    You character is homosexual or straight?

  • 2

    What is the name of your character?

  • 3

    When he was a baby,you drop him in the ground?

  • 4

    You were a present father?

  • 5

    You ever hit him?

  • 6

    The little Tim(lets call him Tim)have many friends?

  • 7

    Tim wants a dog,but the house is too small.What you do?

  • 8

    Tim appears in the living room with blood in his thumb,you ask what happens.He says his imaginary friend tell him to cut his thumb off,but he stopped because hurt too much.

  • 9

    Tim have a fight in school today,he appears all hurt and bruised.He saw a kid being beaten by bullies and try to stop them,getting into the fight.He got suspend from school.What is your reaction?

  • 10

    Tim is starting to act like a spoiled kid,yelling and screaming when you dont do the things he likes.What you do about that?

  • 11

    You character broke his leg playing outside and you car is broken.What you do?

  • 12

    You hear from the neighbour that you character stoned a cat,because he want to see him bleed.When you find Tim,he is throwing rocks in homeless dogs.What you do?

  • 13

    Is the birthday of your kid,he wants a big party with clowns,ballons and a magician.You dont have money to pay,what you say to Tim?

  • 14

    Tim says he found a new friend in school,he is a tall guy with brown coat,glasses and a mustache.The tall men wants to be friend with Tim,and asks him to visit him in his home tomorrow.What you do?

  • 15

    Your kid start to taking worst grades every day until you get tired.You take something from him,hoping he learn the lesson.What you take from him?

  • 16

    Tim ask why he does not have a mommy.What you said to him?

  • 17

    Tim says a bad word he learn,then call you with that word.What you do?