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truant[1] (noun): one who shirks duty; especially : one who stays out of school without permission.

truant[2] (adjective): 1 : shirking responsibility

2 : being, resembling, or characteristic of a truant

truant[3] (intransitive verb): : to idle away time especially while playing truant


"-Truant's-" have a irregular swings ... Image hosted by ... being highly 'mature' and responsible one minute, 'outrageous' behavior the next, all whilst possessing a good natured 'youthful' demeanor.

So, here's the way a truant's day can roll:Image hosted by

Image hosted by Up on time, ready for school or work. As they do extra around the house and expect a productive day.

Then on the way to do the things they do ... one call from a friend and then ...Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by*POOF!* ...

Basically ~ it's:

"Ferris Buellar's Day Off" Image hosted by

With your youthfulness and lack of reasoning ...'spontaneity' are assured!

What happens nextImage hosted by Stay tuned to find out!


Mature: Smart and street smart ... it's an art! Your flare for fun will get you into trouble ... but you have an uncanny ability to come out smelling like a rose!Image hosted by

Young: With the high 'maturity' and this zooming 'youthfulness' you have many sides. But you rarely ACT too old ... you ACT accordingly.

Reasonable: Nope ... don't need a reason! Spontaneity is your specialty!

Outrageous: Youthful and fun spirited, your maturity never makes it 'mean spirited' ... all in good clean fun!


[YOUR "AGE" GROUPING] "Teeny Bopper/Fun for all ages." You can mingle with all ages ... you probably have friends in different age groups. Your distention for each day ... Image hosted by the crow fly's)



Match made in heaven: You and the 'BRAT Child' have a lot in common ... if nothing else you would have fun skipping!

"Vote, then click here for your match!" "Brat Child!"


100-80: Not so good (yet not bad) *just means you are not immature*.

80-60: Best . . . You know a good time, yet still responsible.* just got enough playful left in you to make it interesting.

60-40: Again rowdy, but some what annoying ... Could be a lot of fun! (but - in small doses.)

40-20: Not bad . . . but still crazy, Yet fun. Although not a person to ask advise of. Still ~ "wet behind the ears".

20-00: The worst! (down right the one to avoid at all cost) Just kidding, but what one would think of as a real "Brat Child"

I know the scoring is somewhat unconventional . . . yet so am I? ::shrugs::

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Are you curious of the other categories?


I worked hard to make them ... And since it's YOU asking, I don't mind you taking a peek at the other categories. Heck, you can retake the test and give different answers to get one of you favorites categories as far as I'm concerned.Image hosted by *smiles*

As long as you don't forget to vote each time!







"Brat Child!"

"Wild Child!"


"cHiLd ~ LiKe =P!"

"Been & Done it!"

"cRaZy after all ...!"

"Wise Old Soul!"

"No Spring chicken!"

"man -- CHILD!"


"Just a *PUP*!"

"Full of ' _ _ it' !"

*See ya! Image hosted by I hope you had fun!*

Ok, this is the last link; I promise!


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cHiLd ~ LiKe =P

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cRaZy after all ...

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Wise Old Soul

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No Spring chicken

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man -- CHILD

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Just a *PUP*

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