do you really know your musical theatre, or can you at least fake it test

  • Hi! And welcome to my test. This test will show off how well you know your musical theatre.  I have tried to incorporate new musicals as well as old, so you can see how up to date you are in the musical world. Hopefully you at least know all of the musicals; if not there is not one on hear i wouldn't recommend seeing at least once. well good luck. 

  • 1

    how does jack kelly get caught in newsies?

  • 2

    this rock opera had life in current times with the struggle of aids, sexuality, and poverty?

  • 3

    who did the tin man betray that made him get turned into tin?

  • 4

    what crazy musical actually had live nude actors on stage?

  • 5

    A mother's sings in this musical that she would give her life for her son. who's father was an american soldier?

  • 6

    which musical did not star john travolta in it?

  • 7

    was the plant in little shop of horrors a male or female

  • 8

    list these musicals in the order they came out... the heights, rent, wicked/