From girly boys to trans and more. Which gender changer are you? Test

  • There are many people out there who can't even figure out what their gender is or how they fit into the mix.  Although many people consider themself only male or only female, did you know that you could also be both sexes or neither?  Gender is determined by you and not your body, and many people decide to incarnate strictly to be androgonous.  This is one of their missions in life and its a lot of fun.


    Also, if you're having trouble with the world around you, remember, "As within, so without."  What you feel inside will be what you see in the world.  So be happy and be YOU!  No one else is able to be you and you're super cool!  =)


    This test will attempt to give you some incite into who you are and help you to piece together what you feel inside.  Also, at the end, you'll be able to see the other results that you could have gotten.  This will also give you some incite into who you are as well in case you don't think the description given is accurate either in part or in full.


    Oh, and just for the record, that's my picture above and I'm gender fluid.  My look stays consistant and I am either a girly boy or girly girl depending on my mindset, or I'm both or neither on occasion.  Because I'm anatomically both sexes, I'm also intersexed, but I thought I was trans at one point.  WOW!  Lots of fun gender mixing, eh?  Let's see what you are.  ;)