• 1

    What do you consider yourself to be?

  • 2

    What gender is the majority of your friends?

  • 3

    Have you ever Made Out with someone? what gender was your first?

  • The Following question should be answered if you answered Male or Female to the last question.

    If not, answer the following "N/A" to continue

  • 4

    Why was this Gender your first to makeout with?

  • ___________________________________________
  • 5

    When you see a someone you think is hot/cute/sexy/or like, and sometimes get nervous around what gender is it?

  • 6

    Do you consider yourself as a Clean person?

  • 7

    Suppose you are arguing with your another person, usually someone you interact a social setting, and you start to get mad, what do you do?

  • 8

    Whats your favorite color?

  • The Following is a Series of True and False Statements please answer them correctly and truthfully.
  • 9

    I Enjoy Playing Sports and Watching them, i get into knowing the members of each team and become a fan.

  • 10

    I Like Cars. The look, Feel, Parts, Style, Value and use it to help me pick up a new partner.

  • 11

    I Like Lawn Care, If not, I value the fact that i can maintain something and take great pride in it.

  • ___________________________________________
  • The following series of questions geared to your understanding and need for new clothes.
  • 12

    Do you enjoy shopping even if its window shopping?

  • 13

    Do you like clothes?

  • 14

    How many times have you gone clothes shopping in the past month?

  • 15

    When you go shopping, what do you usually look for?

  • 16

    How do you like your clothes?

  • 17

    Where do you usually shop at?

  • 18

    How many of the following stores do you frequently like shopping at all the time?


    American Eagle

    Abercrombie, Abercrombie and Fitch


    Ann Taylor

    Bannana Republic

    bebe, 2Bbebe




    Express, Express Men

    French Connection

    Forever 21






    Louis Vuton

    Old Navy

    Ruell 21

    Saks Fifth Avenue


    Victoria Secret


  • ________________________________________________
  • 19

    What is your favorite type of music?

  • 20

    Have you ever visted a gay bar or club? Would you go back to it again?