• Can your baby be the next Mozes, Leonardo, Mozart, or Einstein?


    Find which of the nine archetypes of a genius child can you raise.  They loosely correspond to the nine personality types of the enneagram.


    1 Prophet

    2 Healer

    3 Renaissance-wiz

    4 Artist

    5 Thinker

    6 Visionary

    7 Observer

    8 Empire-builder

    9 Peacemaker 


    Some critical factors such as birth order of the child, gender, and relationship to the primary caretakers can be assessed at birth or later, but the parental attitudes, beliefs, and lifestyle will play a major role even before conception if theoretical birth order is assumed. 

    One of the determining factors is the presence of both parents,  but it can apply to any mother or father figure, be it grandparents or other relatives, prominent teachers, or mentors.