• Hey Ladies!!! Want to find out if you're down for anything with the sexy  ladies, sit down and take my test. By the time you're done, you'll probably be facing your next encounter...

  • 1

    You're inside a crowded gay/lesbian club when this hot chick accidently bumps you and spills your drink onto your outfit. You look at her and as you both make eye contact, she begins kissing you wildly. Your reaction is__?

  • 2

    You've been seeing this really hot chick for almost a month. You can tell she wants to take things further, but you don't want to be the one to bring it up. You are both eating out at a loal restauraunt and you can't help but notice her foot keeps touching you under the table. You__?

  • 3

    You and your hot date have already gone further on the first night than the average first daters. She's moving really fast, just the way you want it. You both have had countless shots of Tequila. She kisses you slowly and lustfully and takes your hand and slides it into her panties. You__?

  • 4

    Your new fuck buddy has just arrived at your apartment. She's expecting another unforgettable night with you. She has a small bag on her shoulder and it has you curious. Once you are both in the room, she removes a set of anal beads, a 9 inch strap on, whip cream, strawberries, handcuffs and a whip. You_?

  • 5

    Its a warm summer night and you and your new girlfriend go down to the lake and lay out to watch the stars. She suddenly has the idea the you both should swim naked in the water and says it would be fun. You__?

  • 6

    You just checked your watch and its late. You and some of your friends went out to the club to find a one night stand. Two very sexy females approach you at the bar suggesting you join them for some late night fun. You__?

  • 7

    You are going deeper and deeper inside your girl with a very large strap on. You both are enjoying every minute of it. You play with her clit, making her waist grind underneath you. She suddenly asks you to try it in her ass and you__?

  • 8

    You are about to be with your new friend for the first time sexually. You are both removing the others clothes and she's eating your pussy now. She has you right where she wants you, when unexpectedly she slides anal beads into your ass. You_?