• I have won both prizes in the language contest! Thank you so much, It has been ages since I won anything, the test will still be live, and enjoy!


    *Warning* Some of these fonts for these languages might not show up for some users. If you feel that your windows don't have the fonts needed, go to windows update page and download the language packs to view the fonts correctly, it should self install. There is nothing I can do in this test that will make them show up for you.


    I have always been fascinated by different languages all around the world. Languages and culture is a big part of life, and give a person a sense of belonging to their culture and their heritage. I will start out the test with easy ones, then more harder ones towards the end. You don't have to be a linguist to score good on this test, as we are exposed to languages every day, especially in the melting pot America. Good luck and have fun! If you speak any of the languages and notice grammar errors, send me a message and I'll try to fix it. I don't speak all of these languages, I get these phrases from resources on the net. I am just trying to represent the language for test purposes, but if you notice an error, I'd be happy to change it If you give me an example.



    Added answers to each result so you can check your score. Origionaly I wished not to include them to make it harder the cheat, but since this is an old test, and who knows how long i'll hold onto the answers i'm including them now.


    Corrected a couple errors


    -Fixed a mispelling error


    -Checked Scoring as there was a concern, It has been tested and is still working properly, even though the images are different now, not the ones I put in originally.


    -Made correction to Hebrew Question


    -Corrected grammar issue on Estonian Question


    -Corrected a grammar issue on a Italian question.


    -Corrected a grammar issue on Latvian question.


    -Corrected spelling of Italian on 4 answers.

    -Wrote a small paragraph explaining some misconceptions on Tolkien's languages.

    -Wrote more info on page before results.

    -Changed french question to something more simple, the answer would be the same, just changed the wording of the question.


    -The test had a bug in it, I had to wait for the support to fix it, as it wouldn't load, it is fixed now and I can edit the test again.

    -on one of the forward buttons the text read Halaman Depan which means front page. Fixed it to Halaman Berikutnya so users who spoke the language would not get confused.

    -added Informal text for the Klingon language


    -Added a warning and instructions in case some users could not view some of the fonts for the different languages.


    -Made a correction in Latvian translation