• Hello! Welcome to the how attractive is my penis test! This is purely for fun but u gave tried to make the test unbiased. Hope you enjoy!

  • 1

    Ok lets get started! How long is it when fully erect?

  • 2

    Is it wider than it is long?

  • 3

    Now for some awkwardness.. Are you Circumcised? (no skin covering penis head)

  • 4

    If yes,How prominent is your scar? otherwise leave blank

  • 5

    If yes, How dried out is your penis head? other wise leave blank.

  • 6

    If partially, How much skin is left? If not leave blank.

  • 7

    What is the color of your penis head?

  • 8

    Was your frenulem removed? (The band of skin on underside of head connecting the head to shaft.)

  • 9

    How veiny is your shaft?