• Hello fellow money lovers!  Welcome to my test!

    Some people are penny-pinchers and others, like Paris Hilton, buy new dogs when they lose their current one.  Of course, not many of us are like that and there are also various in-betweens.  After answering a few short questions, this test will gauge your personality when it comes to money. 

    Instead of making rediculous titles such as "penny-pincher" and "big sacks of money person" I've decided to match your personality up with a denomination of U.S. currency.  This adds some continuity and also takes a shot at just how much money you may like to spend at one time. 

    I'd charge you to take this test, but OKC doesn't give me that option.  Now click that button below and enjoy! 



    Author's Note:  I used U.S. currency because I don't know that much about other currencies.  Also, don't take this test too seriously.  It is, after all, just an test.