• Hi! And welcome to my Huggable Test. This is strickly a compatability test, ment for those interested in going on a date with me who live in my area or an area I am interested in moving to, like New England. Okcupids % scoring can be a bit off, So I wrote this test about the questions "I" care about. I will be adding to it as I see fit. Do not Do not Do not skip Questions. It will seriously hurt your score. On a lighter note. Answer these questions how you will answer them not how I think they should be answered. Good luck... Hugs
  • 1
    How much do you like roller coasters/fair rides

  • 2
    Do you like Disney World.

  • 3
    When you go to Disney. Do you...

  • 4
    In an arguement you...

  • 5
    How clean are you?

  • 6
    How much vacation time do you have?

  • 7
    Do you like women who "smother" you. I mean you know ones that care about you and want to be with ouy...

  • 8
    How many of the following interest you... Theme Parks, roller coasters, pool, bowling, dining, movies, beach.

  • 9
    Do you currently use any illegal drugs?

  • 10
    How many hugs do you like in a day?

  • 11
    When will you try to get in my "socks"?(SEX/make love/ fornacate/ etc...)

  • 12
    When will you try to kiss me?

  • 13
    How responsible are you.

  • 14
    What kind of relationship are you seeking right now?

  • 15
    How Spontanious are you? You were just invited somewhere...

  • 16
    How willing are you to enter a meaningful relationship with a women who has 2 children?

  • 17
    After a great date. How much time would you spend with me in a week.

  • 18
    How many hours do you work a week

  • 19
    If we hit it off, and start dating how much space do you need?