How-Well-Do-You-Know-Visual-Arts,-Classical Music,-and-Some-Other-Stuff Test

  • Hi! And welcome to my visual and aural fine arts test (i.e., art plus classical music "plus" other stuff).


    I'll be using advanced predjudice and long-held dogmatic opinions tempered by the odd factual question here and there to measure what you know about fine art and classical music, to question indeed, what IS art, anyway; and finally, towards the end of the test, to show that ART and ARTISTS do NOT always enrich society.

    I also tried to put some of my warped sense of humor modulated by some biting sardonic commentary about human society into the test, so please, if you have time, READ the commentaries between questions, not just the test questions, OK?


    NOTE WELL: There are some disturbing images in this test, hence the "teen" rating.  No sex or sexuality, almost no nudity--and even then, it's not what you expect--but you should NOT let your child who is under the age of about 11 (older, if you or he/she is very sensitive) see some of the last few images.